Dryer Ball Scent


Make your laundry smell AMAZING! Use just a few drops of our, pure essential oil, dryer ball scents.


  • 100% pure essential oils
  • No fillers = no marks on clothes
  • Dripper insert included, to enable steady dripping


Make your laundry smell AMAZING! By using dryer ball scents, you can custom scent your laundry. Just drop a few drops of our pure essential oil dryer ball scents right on your dryer balls.


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  • Heavenly Lavender – Floral and herbaceous, our lavender scent is often referred to by customers as heavenly, hence the name.
  • Fresh & Clean, a Suzanne’s Soaps Signature Scent- Refreshing and uplifting with twinges of citrus, oatmeal, eucalyptus, tea tree and mint. It’s clean as clean can get.
  • Seasonal Scent – Simple, quiet and beautiful, that is exactly how the essential oils in this scent come together. Peaceful florals pair with refreshing mints to create a symphony of aroma –Just like a winter sunset.



Directions for use:

  1. Drop 2-5 drops directly on to 100% wool dryer balls.
  2. Toss dryer balls directly in to dryer with wet clothe and dry as normal.



Additional information

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Lavender, Fresh & Clean, Evening Snow Fall


1/2 ounce (blue bottle), 1 ounce

5 reviews for Dryer Ball Scent

  1. Sara Steffy

    Got the Christmas tree scent from last year… Love the smell it gives to my laundry.
    Want to try the fresh and clean next…

  2. Ranae Zimmerman

    I use the lavender scent on my dryer balls. Leaves a nice, light and fresh scent. I love using it with my towels.

  3. Linda

    I cannot say enough about the scent Add to a few drops to a dryer ball and use it in you luggage when you travel . Or use in your dryer a great smell clean and fresh

  4. Linda

    Love this , give you laundry a clean smell and use it with the dry balls , yes I love the pair ..

  5. Annette

    I love the dryer ball scents! They give my clothes a little extra. Works amazingly well when drying towels without fabric softener! Don’t forget to get the dryer ball, too! A great addition to my laundry room!

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