Suzanne’s Soaps is, a 3 generation, family business that started as a homeschool science project in 1996.

The business was first started by Sue when she made our first batch in her laundry room, to demonstrate to us kids how molecules and matter change through chemical processes. The finished soap was then given away as Christmas gifts. It was a hit!

The following spring we went on a field trip to The Hans Herr House, a local historical site that does reenactments. This being our second trip to this particular festival, Sue was eager to share her new success with the colonial soap demonstrator. Alas, the soap maker was nowhere to be found. During a lengthy conversation with the director, we learned the “Soap Lady” had retired and Hans Herr House was now looking for a new demonstrator to do the reenacting. Sue, of course, volunteered! “Why, I know how to make soap!” And the rest, as they say, is history… our costumes were sewn, cast-iron kettles were bought and hundreds of batches of soap have been created since.

We still demonstrate at reenactments several times a year, now with the whole family in costume. You can also find Suzanne’s Soaps at local markets and craft shows.
Stop by one of our shows and mention our website, Facebook page or Etsy shop and receive a special discount!

Thank you for your business,

Shelby Buckwalter (Owner), husband Shawn and daughters Elaina & Leah

Sue Steffy (Founder) & husband Scott

Sean Steffy (Website & Technical Consultant)