About our Soap balls

General ingredients: Our soap (water, lye, lard, olive oil, coconut and scents/colors

Common Questions:

Q: Does it lather?
A: Yes, we tweaked our recipe to include coconut oil for extra bubbles.

Q: Why a ball shape?
A: Ball shape allows water to drain away faster and air to circulate which dries it off faster. Plus, the round shape saves the soap from getting gluing it’s self to the bottom of the soap dish.

Q: Are they gluten free?
A: Yes, most of our soaps are (ask for specifics)

Q: Are they vegan?
A: The shaving soaps are (ask for other options).

Q: Do you have shampoo bars?
A: Soap balls are great for hair! They are paraben and sulfate free.
They are safe for color-treated hair.

Q: Do they contain essential oils?
A: As much as we can, yes. Some scents you simply can not get as essential oils.

Q: Are these medicinal grade essential oils?
A: No, we use fragrance grade. They are pure, but do not guarantee any medicinal or aromatherapy properties.

Q: What are the flecks in there/them?
A: Botanicals (dried leaves and flowers) and the colors are soap that we
colored with cosmetic grade minerals. No red dye 40.

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