About our Shaving Soap

General ingredients: our soap (water, lye, lard, olive oil and coconut oil), bentonite clay, scent/color.

Common Questions:

Q: What makes this different from the soapballs?
A: The bentonite clay makes stabilizes the lather and adds an extra slippery feeling to the skin, giving a closer shave.

Q: How do I use it?
A: 1. With a mug- add to cup, wet brush and whip lather into a nice foam.
2. Without a mug and brush- wet hands and rub bar between hands until
a thick lather appears.

Q: How are these scented?
A: We use essential oils as much as we can but some scents you simply can not get as essential oils.

Q: Is this vegan and/or gluten free?
A: Yes, our shaving soaps are GF and Vegan.

Q: Where do the colors come from?
A: We use cosmetic grade minerals (no red dye 40) to make all the colors in our soaps.

Our tips:

When your finished shaving, wash out your brush but leave the left over foam in the cup and save it for your next shave.

What? You don’t have a mug or brush? You can use your hands to make lather or you can click HERE to fix that.

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