About Our Laundry Powder

“One pound does about 28-32 loads, depending on how generous your tablespoon is.” -Shelby

  • Ultra fine and highly concentrated, just one tablespoon does an average soil load.
  • No fillers or scents
  • Gluten free
  • No parabéns, petroleum or strange ingredients that will build up on your clothes or towels and start a funky smell.
  • Non bleaching, no brighteners or whitening agents
  • Safe for HE washers and regular washing machines
  • low suds and will never foam in your washer


  1. Add 1 tablespoon or scoop on top of laundry before filling with water.
  2. Toss right in with clothes. Do not add to dispenser for liquid detergents.

Store in a canister with scoop or any clean lidded container.

Find a cute 1TBSP scoop (We have some cute ones! –click here– )and your laundry rood will look all the prettier.


Suzanne’s Soaps’ signature homemade soap (which consists of lye, lard, water, olive oil and coconut oil), borax and washing soda. That’s it. We believe in keeping it simple.

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Common questions:

Q: Is this ok for HE washers?
A: Yes, it is low suds, so it is safe for HD washers. No fillers, brighteners (will not ‘whiten’ or ‘brighten’ clothing.

Q: How much should I use?
A: 1 TBSP for a large load

Q: How many loads does a box/lb do?
A: 1 lb does 28-32 loads

Our tips:

Keep in a pretty jar on the counter.

Do not put in liquid dispenser of an HE machine.

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